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November 1938 Saga Tekkohsho established in Saga city, Saga Prefecture
March 1948 Designated as model plant from Saga Prefecture
April 1951 Approved to JIS indication
November 1953 Received Industry Technical Award as the model plant and excellent quality control
November 1961 Established Fujisawa Plant
October 1969 Established Omachi Plant
February 1978 Headquarters in Fujisawa Kanagawa
March 1989 Received Ford Q1 (Preferred Quality Status) from Ford at Fujisawa Plant
April 1989 Established DEXTER FASTENER TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (DEXTECH) in Michigan, USA
December 1993 Received Ford Q1 (Preferred Quality Status) from Ford at DEXTECH
March 1996 Established Shanghai Teqiang Fastener Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
November 1997 Established MS TECH in Thailand
February 2000 Capital increased to three hundred ten million yen
December 2000 ISO14001 Certified at Saga Plant and Omachi Plant
March 2001 Formed a business partnership with Piolax
March 2002 ISO14001 Certified at Fujisawa Plant
July 2002 MS Tech renamed Saga Fastener Thailand CO.,LTD.
March 2003 ISO9001 Certified at Fujisawa Plant
April 2003 Relocated the Saga Fastener Thailand in Thai Chonburi
June 2003 ISO9001 Certified at Saga Plant and Omachi Plant
April 2004 Relocated Fujisawa Plant
June 2009 Established Taku Plant
May 2012 Established SAGA TEKKOHSHO Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuat, Mexico.
April 2015 Established Technical Center in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa Prefecture
April 2016 Relocated Headquarters in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
March 2018 IATF16949 Certified at Domestic Plants
May 2018 Established Saga Sales Office
January 2019 Launched a 'DEXTECH' brand,and renewed a company logo.
April 2020 Shonan sales office was merged into Fujisawa sales office.
April 2021 Shizuoka sales office was merged into Nagoya sales office.(Shizuoka sales office is operated as Fukuroi distribution center.)